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Monday, August 1, 2011

Memorials to Princess Diana

Princess Diana was much loved by the British people.  After her passing, the Diana Memorial Fountain and the Diana Memorial Playground were erected in her honor.   These memorials speak to Diana's love for children and embody her spirit.  To the visitor, each feels like something that she would have created and both honor her memory in a very special way.

The first to open was the Diana Memorial Playground.  The playground includes a giant pirate ship, musical play, a telescope, swing set, teepees, and a number of other surprises peeping out all around.  It was inspired by the Peter Pan stories.  The playground captures the imagination of children and adults alike.  I was fortunate to be able to visit the playground.  It is open for adults only from 9:30 - 10:00 AM, and then at 10 AM, it opens for the children -- and no adults are permitted unless they have a child with them.  My classmates and I had fun trying out the instruments and hopping and climbing throughout the playground!

The second memorial is the Diana Memorial Fountain.  It is not a traditional fountain with a statue in the middle spouting water into a large bowl or pond at the bottom.  This fountain looks more like a lazy river.  Water bubbles up from the top and then two streams travel in a semi-circle down hill to a small wading pond at the bottom, creating a complete circle.  There are several bridges crossing the river, as well as a bumpy design in one area, intended to make the water look like a water fall.  It is no deeper than mid-calf (on an adult) at any point.  This is a fountain that children are supposed to play in -- and today they did.  

Both memorials have the same sense of tranquility and sweetness, as well as, feeling inviting to all ages, which I think truly represents who Princess Diana was to the world. 

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