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Monday, July 25, 2011

528 steps!

(Again, two posts in one day!  But, I felt it would be remiss to not mention my visit to St. Pauls Cathedral today and to show off the pictures of the amazing view from the top of the dome.)

528.  That's the number of steps it takes to to climb to the top of the Golden Gallery at St. Paul's Cathedral.  After a visit to the Museum of London and a tour of St. Paul's Cathedral, I climbed the dome.  What a view!

St. Pauls was traditionally a center for activity in London, for both religious activities and as a meeting place.   The cathedral itself is the fifth cathedral on the site. It was built after its predecessor was destroyed it the fire of 1666.  The cathedral was designed by the architect Christopher Wren.  He was inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, however, the Anglicans did not want a Cathedral that looked like a Roman Catholic church.  It was only slowly and over time that the ornmentnation, mosaics, and statuary were added to the interior of St. Pauls. 

Wren's masterpiece is amazing in design and execution and truly an integral part of London's history.

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