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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Olympic stadium and recycling…

The 2012 Olympic Games will be hosted in London, England.   This will be the third Olympic Games hosted by London.  As we walked through the areas that encompass the Olympic Park, Three Mills and East London, we saw another side of London – the industrial one.
When the city of London was bidding for the 2012 Olympic Games, they chose an area in East London that is highly industrial, close to transportation, and in need of urban renewal.  

The key word in the design and build of the Olympic Park is “sustainability.”  Every aspect of the project has focused on reducing the carbon footprint, recycling materials, and building a park that will be a legacy to the city.   Part of sustainability includes using existing venues when possible, building new construction than can be used after the games, and, for those structures that will not have life after the games, designing them to be demountable.    For example, the Olympic Stadium will seat 80,000 people, however all of the white poles in the picture can be demounted and the stadium that remains will seat 25,000 people – a much more practical size for athletic events in London.

The city will be using the Olympic Games to rejuvenate East London, boost the economy, and clean up and protect the ecosystem.  Here are a few mid-point goals that have been set for the Olympic project and the progress thus far:
90% of all materials removed from the site would be reused or recycled … goal MET at 98%
350 Brits would be trained as apprentices for work on the site … goal MET at 408
50% of materials would be delivered by boat … goal MET at 51%
Additionally, the vast majority of the contracts for construction and services before and during the games were won by British companies, with over 50% being London-based.

The city of London has undertaken this massive construction program, planned meticulously, and thus far has met or exceeded each goal they set.  Perhaps this is an omen of other records that will be set during the 2012 Olympic Games!

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