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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cars 2 Opens in London

In London, the buses are used for advertising.  But wait, you say, they are in the United States, too.  But, in London, the buses are double decker, providing that much larger advertising space.
On the day I arrived, I saw a bus plastered with a Cars 2 advertisement.  It featured Lightening McQueen.  A little later, I spotted one with Finn McMissile.   So, in honor of the Cars fan in my life, my mission is to see how many different Cars 2 ads I can spot on the double decker buses.  So far, in ten days, I have found four different Cars 2 bus ads --  featured characters include McQueen with Mater (and Luigi and Guido in the background), Finn McMissile, Francesco Bernoulli, and Holly Shiftwell.

I should add, Cars 2 just opened yesterday (July 22nd) here in London.  We’ll see if it opens as strong as it did in the United States.  Cars 2 won their opening weekend with ticket sales over $68 million across the United States. 

Also, Disney has developed a UK site for Cars 2 featuring British characters, as The Queen and Prince Wheeliam.  You can see them at 

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